Our Services

Lighting designers today are increasingly required to have a sound technical knowledge to navigate round the government’s initiatives to introduce energy efficient lighting, or PART L. At Andrew Johnston Lighting we are able to help the client navigate through these tricky areas.

A good lighting scheme requires a quality of emotion, backed by the use of proven and reliable technology. This thought is always at the front of our minds mind when designing both interior and exterior lighting schemes for a client and are the reasons for our continuing passion for light in all its forms.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail, technical and aesthetic, and our ‘hands on’ approach to the contract Every commission is approached as a blank canvas, with fresh eyes and fresh ideas.

A very important part of any lighting project is understanding the vision of the client and to suggest innovative effects and light sources that will transform that vision into reality. This is delivered through our technical knowledge and a thorough awareness of proven innovations in this very fast moving industry. It is always our intention that the effects of the lighting should be noticed but not the light sources.

Consultancy Fee

After an initial meeting we will provide the client with a fee proposal for the consultancy, or design service, however big or small the job is. Our fee proposal is based on the RIBA work stages A to L and, covers the entire project from inception to design, to detailed design, to handover and includes management of the supply and installation phase if required.